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Dernière mise à jour : 21 mars 2020

What is Spring to spring album project?

This project has been long growing in my mind and it is an adventure that starts on March 21 2020, with an album launch expected in a year, on March 21, 2021.

There will be four phases:

-Writing and composing from 21/03 to 21/06

-Arrangements from 21/06 to 21/09

-Recordings from 21/09 to 21/12

-Launch and promotion from 21/12 to 21/03

I'm excited to start this project after 5 long years of planning. It will become part of a quadrilogy begun with "Beyond the North Wind," which represents winter.

As creating an album can be a long and daunting process, we would be so happy for any help.

You can do that by supporting the project here (with love or money or both :) or by becoming a patreon member to receive exclusive content and support the project over the long term.

By joining us on social media (Instagram, Facebook, Youtube).

By spreading the news around you.

All help is most welcome.

There will goodies in exchange for contributions and we'll send out regular updates so you can follow the project's development in real time, with pics, posts, and videos.

All content (except for the exclusive material reserved for contributors and patreon members) will be available here, on my site.

And a newsletter will go out every three months (you can subscribe here) - the next is due on June 21, when I hope we'll all be able to enjoy the fresh air of summer!

That's it for my latest news. I hope this spring is kind and gentle with you and I wish you joy, love, dreams and inspiration during this odd and unsettling time.

Big thanks to all, take care of yourselves and each other, and a virtual - but true - hug to each of you,


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